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The Apocalypse Has Arrived

Posted on June 11, 2012 at 9:05 PM



 Story By Dragon Sensei

The prophesies are many, the prophets legend. Each Age of Man has presaged the events of the future that shall unfold. Mighty civilizations from the Sumerians to the Romans, and powerful seers from the Greek oracles to Nostradamus predicted the arrival of what's called the Apocalypse in the Bible's New Testament. What is an 'apocalypse?' It's not the end of the world. The Greek word means an unveiling…of the Truth. The process of unveiling the Truth and the events fulfilling the prophesies are unstoppable…the events are occuring now.

Dawn of the ApocalypseThe unveiling of the Truth leading to the current Apocalyptic events had their origins in the last century.Psychics predicted a New Age dawning in the early years of the 21st Century and a reawakening of Mankind. Humanity would begin to question the old institutions, the old ways, crippling social structures, and inhibiting lack of intellectual freedom.Some envisioned the shackles of humanity would be broken…but with the revelations would come economic hardship, political upheaval, and great distress.The upheavals and uprisings would not be contained only to the human race, but ripple though the Cosmos affecting all of Creation.

Earth changes would be prevalent: mass destruction, geological catastrophes, and a newly violent sun.But the major indicators of an Apocalypse leading to the dawning of a New Age of greater insight and spirituality, the prophesizers said, would be the unmistakable signs of global economic turmoil, political chaos, the exposure of great hidden evils, and the amazing transformation of science.

Economic turmoil, collapseLike almost everything else, money and economics is an invention of Man. Various economic systems have their strengths and weaknesses.Since 2008, few economies in the world have done well. Virtually all the Western countries, and many emerging economies, are floundering. Even China has seen economic troubles erupt during 2012.Much of the trouble can be traced back to irrational policies, enforced scarcity, political decisions trumping common sense, and the penchant towards command-and-control governmental structure at the expense of individual choices and responsibility.The crisis has reached such magnitudes that even those with little expertise in economics can see the problem.Yet these events were predicted long ago and are just some of the signs of the reawakening and the shift towards spiritual insight and lessening of dependence upon a strictly materialistic view of life.

The global economies are continuing to unravelWhile there is nothing inherently wrong with materialism (after all, without it everyone would be dead in short order as the world is physical and we are physical beings with material needs), the pendulum has tended to shift too far away from the spiritual side of humans. This dichotomy, the spiritual versus the material sides of humans, has been a battle that stretches back to the beginning of cognitive awareness

.Uncle Same faces economic collapseMankind's basic human nature is encapsuled within the concept of freedom of spirit. The more that freedom is contained and oppressed and suppressed, the more misery populates the Earth.Part of the Apocalyptic process is revealing the hidden truths of the gloabl economic structure and giving way to the birth pains accompanying a transition to a better, richer world. It can be a world richer in spirit, wealth, material and emotional happiness, great and exciting challenges…and deeper and more universal love

.Political upheaval, chaosPolitics are not exempt from the unveiling of the truth. The political atrocities of the Middle East have been exposed for the world to see.The Peoples Republic of China has also been exposed for its brutal actions and policies against peaceful religious and political activists.The Chinese political leaders persecution of Falun Gong is being revealed, as well as the state's policy of forced labor and concentration camps.The horrific practice of executing political prisoners deemed as enemies of the State and then harvesting the hapless victims' organs for State profit is also being denounced by some world leaders and free societies for the despicable and immoral act that it is.

As the condemnation of political tyranny spreads, revolutions, rebellions, insurrection and civil disobedience widens.Those that sought to create a so-called New World Order founded on fear, surveillance, and oppression are being exposed by factors within various governments, organizations, citizen activists, and mystics out of the mainstream.The revered shamans of the Americas, the ancient Hopi nation, the wise holy men of the Far East, and the devout Hindu leaders of the timeless Indian sub-continent have shared their uniform vision of events to come and the events they once predicted that have arrived.

Organizations like Anonymous strike fear into world leadersEvil exposedThe evils that have plagued humanity for uncounted centuries are in the process of being exposed like never before in history.Grass root groups, many controversial, are mushrooming up throughout the political and economic forests of the world. These groups are coming out of the woods and exposing Truth in novel and ingenious ways using high technology to wage their war against those that would be masters.

The evil plots are being exposed all around the worldSome of the most visible movements and groups include people who have risen to the political and economic challenges that have emerged. Among the groups are such diverse political ideologists as the TEA Party and the Occupy forces.

The Apocalypse is turning over the rocks where evil lurksHigh tech wizards like Julian Assange and his Wikileaks network, or the borderline anarchists of Anonymous whose symbol is a Guy Fawkes mask, are driving world authorities into a frenzy by exposing devious plots, blatant corruption and secret agreements designed to inhibit individual liberty and free communication between all the peoples of the world.

Science transformedThe brave new world of the Apocalypse has also come to science.Science is a two-edged sword. It can be a boon for Mankind or used by self-appointed elites to become masters of the world. The scientific method can be utilized to enrich and improve the human condition or create horror weapons like those produced by evil regimes such as Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin's gulag-ridden Soviet Union.

Science unbound, and steered towards the advancenment of knowledge while philosophically driven to move the human race ahead and empower the individual in new ways undreamed of in the past, is the discipline's greatest purpose.Science unfettered will lead to the mastery of the self. For with advancing knowledge must come greater self-discipline and accountable responsibility.The Apocalyse is driving this too as science is beginning to divest itself of the inherent fraud and political trappings that have all-too-often caused it to lose its way.While the process cannot come fast enough for many people, it is of its very nature a slow, arduous task. No one ever promised an Apocalypse will accomplish all within a few short years. The process can stretch on for decades. But in the end Mankind can be transformed into a better, wiser race. Along the way it will divest itself of some of the insanities that have haunted humans for far too long a time.The Apocalyptic process of spiritual rebirth and the rediscovery of the roots of Mankind's innate abilities and powers will break the chains of fear and small-mindedness that have caused society to become infected with a cancer that's mostly self-inflicted.

Science and reawakened spirituality is shifting the world towards a future that will eventually benefit all men and women of goodwill. But the process is anathema to those that seek to pillage, conquer and subjugate others.Medical marvels, miracles from the physics laboratory, exploration of the world's greatest mysteries…all await fruition on the other side of the Apocalypse.As the veil is lifted more will see the glory of the shining Truths occulted by those that accumulated great power while attempting to crush the spirit of others.Science will reveal the reality of other dimensions and realities. The nature of death may be discovered. Proof will emerge from the laboratories of the reality of Man's immortal existence and how every person is a part of the Cosmic All.Much that's been considered paranormal or fringe science will begin to be recognized as valid science and incorporated into the growing repository of advancing human knowledge.Apocalyptic revelations will lift humans from the cradle to their place in the universe.

A spiritual re-awakening and accountingThe Apocalypse brings renewal and fresh starts. All Truth will be revealed as the Cosmos is being cleansed and errors corrected, frauds revealed, injustices rectified.Truths that were hidden will be revealed; Truths cannot be hidden any longer.Mankind will change, a celestial accounting take place, because the moral values will change.For example, fiat money is immoral because it's not right to charge someone interest on money created from nothing. Money is an invention and abstract that represents a value for a value: a good for another good, or service for another service. Fiat money is valueless and has all the value of The Wizard of Oz's smoke and mirrors.It's even more immoral to raise interest rates and foreclose on property with valueless banknotes that people trade amongst themselves with winks and nods.World leaders, including Obama, will be outed because they haven't told the Truth.The Truth about extraterrestrials will finally be revealed: they're already here among us.For millennia humans have sought nirvana, a virtual paradise on Earth. That is a fantasy that can never be for it flies in the face of the nature of Man.But that fact does not lesson the ability or greatness of a human's quest to reach beyond his or her self. Nor does it negate the ability to master the inner self and by doing so enable greater wisdom, more freedom, astounding success, and ultimate life fulfillment.

As the spirit awakes and seeks balance with the material, the human adventure will accelerate. Eventually, the mind will create in reality all it can envision, and even then the stars await.Beyond the stars lies greater Truths and beyond those Truths are still more.The Apocalypse is here. Do not fear it. Embrace it.

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