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Posted on August 24, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Greetings, My name is Michael Angelo Bosch ,

I have heard it said that the earth is being bombarded by huge amounts of electromagnetic energy , A bombardment that then expresses itself in droughts, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes,.

Anyone who has ever witness a child's birth who has seen a woman move through the phases of pregnancy or has been pregnant herself knows the enormous amount of energy released when life pushes against it's boundaries. Life perpetuates itself through energetic outburst , much as an engine tuned on.

The earth which reflects our moods in ways the ancients understood but the modern mind has forgotten , is now bursting forth in seemingly chaotic ways, It is trying to shake off the toxins of our miscreations, physical and emotional. It will propel humanity into our next phase of development, whether the transition before us is easy or not.

These fearful so-called earth changes are actually the earth expressing itself dangerously when we have chosen not to express ourselves creatively.

We have the power to affect those change, to harness the energy of the earth which is also within us. The ways of worship, of genuine spiritual devotion, are rites by which we alchemize our world both within and without . As we transform the energies inside ourselves, we transform the energies of earth.

We must stop looking to our leaders to bolster our mass denials or problems, We must stop perpetuating the illusion that the right government or right technology or right armies can fix our problems ..STOP PASSING THE BUCK!!! we humans are like missiles that must change our course like electrons energies that must focus on positive thought - positive change unilaterally and globally .

We must exert the energy it takes to change our direction in midstream. Every single one of us it is necessary to create the force field that will lead us into species reversal with every prayer everyone meditating every positive thought of LOVE PEACE KINDNESS HUMILITY RESPECT AND CHARITY but change has to start with YOU"

I don't care how much you spend trying to rebuild renovate or beautify a city or how much you complain to your landlord about your apartment or complain to your local politicians or police about crime in your neighborhood or how much positive plans the government may have to change housing projects into a low income low cost program with townhouses etc: nothing will ever change or get better until we begin to change ourselves" PEOPLE need to individually take responsibility for their own actions and clean up their act.THE VENUS PROJECT by Jacque Fresco is a wonderful idea or concept but it will never work until we begin to change the mindset of humanity.

We must teach humanity to LOVE to CARE to be HUMBLE to be CHARITABLE to be RESPECTFUL of others and this planet and not until this happens will we begin to see a better tomorrow.

so let's focus on ways where we can come together and inform the masses by leading the way and changing ourselves one another then duplicating this LOVE this ACTION this ATTITUDE for a better tomorrow unto others then we can go the next step into pushing for the VENUS PROGRAM but just like it's been proven in many cities in the past ' it's not wise to cast pearls at swines or if you take a bum and put a $1000.00 suit on him what do you have? a bum in a $1000.00 suit .. it will be time & money wasted .

We have enough evidence and proof that the present system is broken and the future of humanity is at risk therefore it is now time for the REAL CHANGE REVOLUTION and with the POWER of LOVE we can begin to make that move!

What makes us human is our capacity to love. Love is that quality that erases prejudice and moves us to forgive, gives us peace of mind in a turbulent world, and keeps us sane.

Love sees broken souls and heals them. Love hears plaintive cries and answers. Love discerns a need and fulfills it. Love does not see color, race or features; love sees people.

Yes, we are imperfect. Our love is imperfect but the power of love overshadows its imperfections. The power of love knows no boundaries, no walls. It holds no record of misgivings but believes in second chances.

Love does not ask for anything in return. It is at times a self-sacrificing gift but it is given freely. For when we give love and see the difference that one act of love can make, the feeling is priceless, indescribable.

And in that one moment, we get a glimpse of the power contained in each of us, the power, not to change the world, but to change a part of the world. And then we see the power of our love working in unison, the power to change the world

so PEOPLE let's get involved let's take an interest in our future and the future of our children and grand children , let's stop half steppin and wind blowin talkin yack yack out the sides of our necks and really get involved .

If you really want to see change BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE


It's .not as hard as you think because no ones telling you to do other peoples work or clean up some other persons mess just take responsibility for your own like don't drop trash on the floors recycle clean up your back yard respect others watch your talk & manners, be polite respectful caring or charitable with your neighbors family the elderly children etc: There are over 300 Billion people on this planet if each one of us took initiative with their lives and their surroundings then TRUE CHANGE will truly come

Their are several groups religions and Organizations with great ideas but it's just talk when you don't truly get involved in education training and actively participating with our communities and you can't keep using sayings like; If you don't your going to hell or your going to purgatory or the WE NEED MORE MONEY to help make things happen ...etc; FEAR and monetary propaganda does not work anymore' everybody wants to use great ideas or inventions or concepts or religion to GET RICH !! the abuse is at a massive scale globally and now the concept or idea for change progress improvement or the YES WE CAN has turned into advertisement a campaign or slogan to pitch their solutions and GET RICH $ and so we need an awakening of REALITY and TRUTH where we as global human beings need to stand together and each of us do our part to change the way we act think and perform in our lives.

Respecting ourselves and others showing and displaying love humility and charity. assigning nonpartisan independent group of volunteers that will become dog watchers to test and investigate abuse from every level of society agriculture food medicine water & power etc: where there is no underhandedness going on due to greed or individual gain.

A free society of true and positive change for the health & betterment of all. then and only then can you begin to see about REAL CHANGE so please get involved by accepting the LOVE movement in your daily lives and joining the LOVE movement and signing our petition.






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