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Books & magazines traveling sales crews- the untold story

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In a world full of negatives where we are accustomed and conditioned to act like the masses while accepting the robotic negative status quo as the norm Nationwide travel jobs  and The POWER program works to try teach our members GROUP POSITIVE THINKING and unity while re-introducing a family type community environment where we strongly believe in helping each other succeed in every way creating positive human support groups. as members.Our formula for the ladder of success was carefully crafted to where one would know when they are ready to move up in the industry and the ladder starts as follows:







A trainee will learn to develop people communication skills direct  sales marketing  negotiations power closing and consistency.A trainer is ready to build and create their family tree and learn to duplicate themselves and teach others the sames traits while building a team / family tree of trainees that will LOOK LISTEN & LEARN and follow your patterns which will later be helpful in preparing you for car handler/supervisor.Now a car handler is also known as a territory supervisor which are  responsible for their vehicles and the people in it.car handlers not only serves as car pool service providing transportation to our reps to and from work but they also are responsible for finding suitable territory for our reps to work in and in many cases has to serve as a self proclaimed case worker or counselor of some sort while dealing with every individuals different personalities, their concerns complaints and or anything that may arise like working with their rejections bad days  lack of confidence etc and help in their daily progress by holding pep talks and up to even taking them out to show them a proper closing if necessary. Now a ROOM LEADER  is as important if not more important also because they have to deal with their room mates bad bays and negative attitudes hearing their grips and complaints and working to hold a GETCHA MIND RIGHT meeting and get them back on track for a better day the next day. Also a room leader besides keeping their rooms well kept and clean usually creates a bulletin board chart in their rooms showing their room mates the technique to OPERATION BREAKDOWN to learn consistency and progress in their business, and a good room leader LEADS BY EXAMPLE and have their business most of the time during the week.  Then comes the junior manager"/ newly promoted. which will work with the sales crew and help hold meetings prepare activities on the crew hire people pay bills trouble shoot problems etc. A senior manager may often over see the whole organization with several managers and their plate is definitely full when it comes to managing. If done properly while finding ways to advance or keep up with the times but at the same time sticking to the principal basics which was designed to hold the crew together like crazy glue then many success stories may follow later.We must remember that in the regular outside world there is much temptations and negatives that one must protect from like drugs gangs thieves  and a host of many other problems and we as a group of positive thinking goal oriented young future entrepreneurs must watch each others back in order to stay on top. It is easy to get distracted and become negative" Remember that idle time is the devil's workshop and our young folks are not from these states we visit to.New people should always  be watched and or accompanies at all times and not left to wander around in a city or hotel alone, Trainers should always work with their trainees and help them with their presentations answer their questions and maybe take them to breakfast in the mornings and give them a pep talk , take an interest in their progress.The crew leaders should be doing wake up calls and midnight curfews at night to ensure everyone is up and preparing for a big positive day remembering that punctuality is key to progress and midnight curfews is to ensure everyone is preparing to get proper rest for a positive day tomorrow while at the same time assuring  that our crew is safe and accounted for.MORNING MEETING"In every profession one must stay ahead of their craft and sharpen their technique's and so our morning P.M.A. meetings are like a racer's pit stop where the race driver will bring the race car in to fine tune it check the fluids the wheels the engine etc in order to run and win a good race , well this is what we do in our P.M.A. meeting ( POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE ) where we work with perfecting our sales presentations and learning to handle T rejections.So while many of the outside world do not understand our organization and often times stereo type or discriminate our group or industry with accusations some times brought on by a few bad apples we as crew members  need to remember that not only are we minorities but also we are not  following the regular conditioned life styles regular society is accustomed to.This industry while some what unorthodox and unconventional has been around for over 100 years now but has seen it's share of bad news while remembering that throughout the years many different type crews cropped up in the past that chooses to not follow the basics and have done things with their bad habits to where they have tarnished the name and reputation of the outdoor direct sales marketing industry    One must remember that every individual is their own person and what tempts or convinces a person to steal lie cheat or scam others for their own personal private greedy gain is what's been boggling the minds of experts in the field of studying human behavior for many many years to the point where their actions affects either the company school or organization they work for or are a part of and also may create a ripple affect that's been known to destroy reputations and lives.

The sad thing is that when irresponsible reckless individuals create those problems like employee's of fast food chains tampering with the foods they prepare or cashiers stealing money or credit card info's to wall street scams bankers, investment brokers to even door to door sales people lying stealing or misrepresenting the company & product then often times the losers are the clients and the company , the clients may lose their money the company not only may get sued but also receive a  bad record with the BBB the consumer affairs bad publicity etc, and the end result is not only poor ratings but loss of clients and cancellations .

So YES many companies should take responsibility for the actions of their employee's and often times they may implement new rules strict business practices do background checks etc but if a person is a ticking time bomb and they for what ever reason in their personal private lives plan to become reckless or destructive there's really nothing anyone can really do and I'm saying all this because the outdoor direct sales marketing industry even though has been around for over 100 years has taken a beating and it's reputation tarnished by shady companies or individuals that have no regards for anyone but themselves but again PLEASE do not throw out the whole bushel over a few bad apples" I'm not trying to find excuses for them all I'm saying is that in many cases people have done well with the company while in many households nationwide families have enjoyed several popular periodicals and publications by which they have used to educate their children and for that reason kept buying from the company but as generation passes and these fast paced times changes people begin to try and reinvent the wheel and change the basics because they believe it is better or quicker to their advantage and when one begins to try and change the process by where the company or organization was founded on trouble follows.

We gotta remember that this type of industry is a world within a world and while living traveling and working together in a close family like community type environment people's true colors will soon begin to show their likes habits true personalities etc while thinking of that let's look at this matter a little further"

Our sales reps are independent contractors they make their income by commission only with daily and weekly cash bonuses set up as an incentive to help people progress and do better and also an opportunity to win company cash awards. Now even though we teach daily seminars for free on how to handle rejections or keep a positive attitude some people still can't handle rejections they cave in to peer pressure others have or may develop bad habits and some may result into lying to the customer to make the sales or misrepresentation stealing etc.When the company finds out they give warnings but these problematic agents now begin to partake in inappropriate activities while still on the crew like drinking smoking weed or taking other drugs getting into fights with their peers so since they were walking a type rope they now get fired and sent home so many leave with no money because they were already in the red squandering their earnings with bad habits and choices or screwing up receiving complaints and cancellations etc so rather than blaming themselves for their downfalls setbacks or failures they blame the company or organization because in many cases they are ashamed of going back home to their families without nothing to show for .Now the company took a loss by providing room & board and even though they were not producing they would still receive monetary draws and week end advances so when they finally leave the company took a loss but over all it is an investment and a write off and many reps turn out to be great sales people and a benefit to the industry and themselves.

But again when these failing agents are sent home or fired rather than taking responsibility for their screw ups they blame the company or organization by saying they didn't pay them or treated them unfair or worked them like slaves or anything to plead their case or pass the blame. I do understand to an extent that the company bares certain responsibility for their employee's behaviors but when a person is acting negative they will tend to react in a reckless manner with no regards to anyone but themselves they try to blame everyone even society for their failures rather than checking themselves. Many people have gone to be successful out of this industry bought homes started other businesses made enough money to go back to school etc and Many are still in the industry or learned from the industry to where their experience helped them launched other careers in their home towns and then there are those who didn't make it or failed or didn't pan outbut over all the out door direct sales marketing industry is still a respectful successful lucrative industry So hopefully this personal story presentation will help our readers better understand the life of a traveling sales person and or our industry and hopefully not judge us because of the stupidity of a few.

Many of us are hard working law abiding tax paying loving Godly people many with families as well who are just trying to progress succeed and excel in our lives because like I always say"


By Michael Angelo Bosch AKA the MESSAGEMAN

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