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Posted on October 29, 2013 at 2:05 PM


The American Police State Has Come and Gone — Living in Complete Tyranny http://b4in.org/dYj


The United States has gone from the most free and wealthy, to a communist state that has a level of tyranny equal to the worst in history. The only aspect missing in America, is the slaughtering of its citizens by the government. But how far away are we?


On Friday, a gang member shot and injured 2 police officers in a suburb in Sacramento, California. Police then went straight to the post 9/11 protocol and began to set-up checkpoints proceeding to point guns at the heads of innocent Americans in violation of their rights, crumpling up the constitution.


The Associated Press snapped a photo of an officer of the new Gestapo, capturing him aiming his weapon at a citizen passing through the illegal checkpoint.


As we have been seeing over the past few years, the United States has turned into a police state on steroids. However, it seems we are moving closer and closer to complete tyranny, as local, state, and federal police shoot dogs, innocent people in the streets and raid homes without warrants terrorizing the people inside.


The Constitution-Free Zones


Most people in America today, have no clue that they probably live in a “Constitution-Free Zone”.


Since most Americans, about two-thirds, live in coastal areas or within 100 miles of the Boarder; placing them under a new jurisdiction.


In an “effort to stop boarder jumpers”, search and seizures of vehicles and personal property require no warrant when you are within this 100 mile band that effectively strips the constitution of its validity altogether

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