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Posted on April 2, 2015 at 4:05 PM

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Why the Better Business Bureau Should Give Itself a Bad Grade

The B.B.B is scamming legit companies out of money"

BBB. Better Business Bureau. This company name is ironic by nature of its name and within the upcoming “uncovering” of BBB, I am going to Is BBB a Scam?

show you why they cannot be trusted and why their “positive” ratings are more often than not “bought” and the negative ratings are the result of companies not wanting to pay off the mobsters over at BBB. In other words…

How would you feel if the rating company you trusted was being paid off?


That is the reality of what is taking place within BBB. Companies that PAY MONEY can defend their reviews, companies that don’t think it is right to have to pay BBB cannot defend their reviews. Not only this, people cannot go to BBB to post positive reviews if that given company is not paying the Better Business Bureau, so they have worked to create a system that forces companies to fatten their pockets because there system itself is geared to make every single company look negative.


“You must be accredited to be able to get a positive review, and if you do not pay, you do not get a good rating.”


So you could be running a remarkable business, you could have millions of customers worldwide that absolutely rave about your company, but if you have failed to pay BBB, there is no way to get a good rating and there is only going to be the allowance for negative reviews within your company profile. You may be reading this and you are faced with the decision of whether or not you should “pay” to get accredited within the BBB, I want to help you make this decision.

Is BBB Accreditation Worth it?


BBB accreditation is a huge cash grab. Before you start thinking that I am just disgruntled about the service in general, let me explain my position on it and and why I don’t think the accreditation is worth it. Or better said, why I think the accreditation is a bit of a hoax.


Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario…


A totally legit company runs a very successful business. They have a competitor that complains on their BBB profile and gives them a bad rating (purposely). The company is then required to “pay” BBB and become accredited if they want to get back a good rating. This accreditation can range from $400 per year to $1,000’s per year, depending on the size of the company.


In essence, it is a one way rankings site that ONLY allows you to help folks that complain if you pay BBB a sum of money every eyar.


To be honest, you are literally feeding the BBB MONSTER if you get accredited. If people stopped paying them for their ludicrous service, then they would get the hint that their entire business is a complete scam and it would force them to change.


Do they really deserve to be paid for only allow “bad” and often times “fake” negatives to be posted about your company?


That is up to you. If you do pay them though, you are the reason they are in business with such a fraudulent service. Yes, it will allow you to get a better grading, so ultimately in may be a business decision.


Me personally, I refrain from feeding them any BUSINESS because of their unethical approach to ratings and the fact that I like to operate off of principle.

F rating out of hundreds of thousands of clients that are happy? (Personal Story)


I have a personal experience to share with you.


We have never followed BBB because we have known about their scam for quite some time, however many folks that have no clue how the BBB really operates fall for the ratings.


As a result, they often times are falling for companies that are scams, but paid BBB.


Other times, they dont’ choose companies because of an F rating simply because those companies are unwilling to pay BBB for better ratings.


Our company (Wealthy Affiliate) has been in business since 2005 and has been noted as the most trustworthy Internet Marketing training platform and service in the industry, in fact, it has been indepedently reviewed with “glowing” remarks by over 50,000 independent websites.


In fact, we only have 1 product complaint within BBB in 8 years in business…


BBB Product ComplaintsOut of 100,000’s of customers, we have 1 complaint. Not bad right?


Well, not according to BBB. We have the following rating.



Because we REFUSE to pay BBB money to get accredited and pay them for a better ranking, they have granted us an F rating with ONE, yes 1 product complaint in 8 years. Compare that to 50,000 independent reviews online that offer us positive reviews, and you will realize how useful [sarcasm goes here] BBB has become for providing product information.


And here is the kicker. There are companies with 1,000’s of complaints in BBB that are paying for “accrediation” (buying their rating) with A+ ratings. Go figure.

BBB is like having a “dislike” button without a “like” button


BBB is unlike any other rating system in the world. Go to any credible site, TripAdvisor.com for example and you will be able to leave either a positive or negative review about a company. This creates trust and creates well rounded company reviews that help you make a decision on your purchase right? Absolutely!


TripAdvisor.com Ethical ReviewsBBB works a little differently, if you want to allow “positive” reviews, you have to pay for them. If you don’t, they are going to continue to only allow “negative” reviews.


Plain and simple, if you are still using BBB to review companies, you need to reconsider. It is an “old school” way of gathering information and I think that after reading this you may realize that it is not a good way to capture accurate company information. Companies can easily buy high ratings and many of the best companies in the world have low ratings because out of principle, they are not willing to pay BBB for a dated service that few people really benefit from.

Are Better Business Bureau Approved Work at Home Jobs Trustworthy?


I guess based on everything that you have learned, the answer is no. These days you are much better to search the Internet for unbiased reviews, seek out complaints from companies (not through BBB), and to do your own personal due diligence when looking to find a trust worthy “work at home” opportunity.


As you have probably gathered from my review, there is a reason why companies don’t pay BBB for a higher rating and because of this, the actual ratings should not be trusted. There are a few legitimate work at home jobs that bode well within BBB although they have a low rating (like Wealthy Affiliate, 3 complaints in 8 years…pretty damn good in my opinion).


If you want to find out whether a work from home job/opportunity is bbb approved, then you can check it out on bbb.org. Just know that these reviews will carry little value in respect to the actual product quality. Ratings are bought and there are lots (LOTS) of legitimate companies that you could benefit from that simply are not willing to pay into the BBB scam.


Do you have an experience with the Better Business Bureau that you would like to share? I am sure there are many of you reading this that have some really great stories and I would love to hear them. Please leave them within my comments below.

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