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Posted on October 1, 2016 at 1:05 AM

I was reading about this  reverend J Wright talking smack about President Obama and saw some black folks on the pastor's post becoming amen corners to his mockery and slander talking also about how Obama should push for respiration looking for that 40 acres and a mule , while I do agree that our political leaders and government should apologize for slavery we must remember that Obama made mention to this in his historic visit to Selma Alabama during their 50 year anniversary by saying slavery was a travesty and an injustice to America"and maybe he diidnt push for the 40 acres and a mule but he did push to make positive progressive change for minorities and everyone alike from pushing for income equality for women, to pushing raising the minimum wage to creating a student loan forgiveness program and two years of free college to revamping the automotive industry in Detroit and putting people back to work , many of who were black to pushing to create a universal health care for all even though there are kinks and problems that need revisiting or upgrading no other president entertained the thought of universal medical assistance for all to even being the first president to visit a federal prison and pardon 46 inmates to creating a second chance youth program for inner city young folks to pushing to give free internet access to the poor in public housing to creating net neutrality to protect the internet to demilitarizing the police from purchasing tanks and military high powered weapons trying to turn America into a police state while pushing to make all cops wear a bodycam and calling for cities to adopt an outside independent agency to investigate police shootings or abuse and profiling and even calling for the retraining of the police in public relations and this to bring attention to the massive abuse by police while not trying to be bias or prejudice and stereo typical he spoke to all of us about getting more involved with our children and our community and said all leaders, teachers churches etc should get involved because like Maya Angelou said it takes a whole village., he spoke up during the Trayvon amartin incident stating how racism is still prevalent in America , created a clean feul annitiave and got global support to fight climate change, created a nuclear weapons deal to push for peace in the middle east instead of pushing for more wars , got Osama bin Laden , lifted the Cuban embargo and reopened trade and travel, created marriage equality for gays thinking as a political leader working towards freedom independence and equality for all, brought the pope together with global leaders in congress and the U.N to unite the world for love & peace, something which has not been done for over 50 years,. so during his rwo terms and he's not finished yet" Obama tackled many of America's issues from health, housing, education, jobs, foreign affairs to bring about a better relationship with other countries and prevent future wars, pollution, income inequality and to respect the rights of all people regardless of race, gender or religion to braking records and making history , so please tell me ONE past president who has done that much during their term?? Exactly!! But wait" I'm not finished yet..he spoke up sgainst the abuse and power of the big banks and wallstreet and pushed to make the 1% pay mote taxes, he mini audited the federal reserve first time in for ever!!, spoke up against Isreal and the injustice to the Palestinians while other past presidents was afraid to affend the zionist jews, visited south Africa to create a progressive partnership in having to wotld look at them with more dignity and respect to creating international economic improvement with Africa etc and did all this while inheriting a huge mess from Bush stuck with two wars, the 911 mess, the bank bailouts, the mortgage debacle wall street scams, Enron, Goldmen Sache's ponzi schemes, dealing with Katrina and how the black community in New Orleans was abandoned, and on top of all that he just awarded black farmers and Indian tribes $4.6 billion and also signed a constitutional amendment to overturn CITIZENS UNITED and pushed to get money out of politics so instead of listening to watered down fake news, propaganda, gossips, lies, sound bites, one liners or here say get your head out the sand and learn to be capable of independent critical thinking and do your homework while also doing something to get involved with the change and remember" Obama is not superman or God so he's intitled to some mistakes but stop passing blame and looking for him to be your savior and do something to contribute to progress and change , even though I do understand that you can't satify everyone and I don't care how much you do" people Will still turn on you or nail you to the cross" MLK, Macolm X JFK , Moses and Jesus found that out the hard way"

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